Antlers - yes or no?

Definitely NOT ❌ - the antlers are not a suitable toy for your dog.


  1. Enamel is the hardest tissue in the body, but even so it is fragile and thin, and the constant biting of the antler wears it down. Dogs then have the tips of their teeth ground down, in some cases the pulp cavity is opened.

  2. In addition, the surface of the antlers is made up of a tissue we call the substantia compacta, which is extremely hard and dog has to bite into it with great force - therefore very likely (and very often!) a painful tooth fracture will occur, especially the upper teeth P4.

  3. Since antlers contain a lot of protein, a dog (and especially a puppy) may experience nausea and diarrhea after ingestion.

How do I know that a dog has broken a tooth and how to solve it?

It is very likely that if the dog breaks a tooth in your presence, it will make some kind of painful sound. If the fracture occurs without your presence, increased smacking, licking or increased salivation may be observed. The dog may also accept food differently than usual (refuses to eat or bites only on the non-painful side).

It is important to remember that dogs (like wolves) do not show pain in order not to lose their position in the pack, and therefore tooth fractures (together with inflammation) are often noticed late. Don't forget that a tooth fracture (and inflammation) is just as painful for dogs as it is for humans.

If you notice a dental problem, you need to find a veterinarian - at our clinic we will perform a complete dental examination of the dog, take an X-ray and then agree on the next procedure (vital amputation of the pulp, endodontic treatment, extraction...).

What to take away from article:

In general, we should be able to push into the chews with our finger or to bend it. If this is not possible, the toy is too hard (antlers) and therefore unsuitable for dogs.