We provide comprehensive veterinary care from prevention and diagnosis to surgery. Our facility includes a dedicated operating room with inhalation anesthesia (and an anesthesiologist) and hospitalization capabilities. We have a complete biochemical and hematological analyzer, and other specialized equipment.

 We specialize in veterinary dentistry - we offer everything from basic dental hygiene and extractions to procedures beyond the scope of normal veterinary practice (vital pulp amputation, endodontics, consultation and assessment of bite defects and subsequent correction).

 We also perform dental treatment of rodents - guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters.

Dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery

We specialize in veterinary dentistry, oral and maxillofacial dentistry.

We offer everything from basic dentistry procedures - removal of tartar, extraction of temporary teeth, surgical extraction of permanent teeth to procedures beyond the scope of normal veterinary practice - diagnosis and therapy of dental caries, restorative dentistry using composite fillings (vital pulp amputation, treatment of fresh tooth fractures, enamel hypoplasia), diagnosis and therapy of bite defects, congenital defects of the jaws and palate, endodontic treatment of the tooth root, BOAS therapy, mandibulectomy and other procedures in theoral and maxillofacial area.

We have complete dental equipment - iM3 Deluxe turbine dental kit, iM3 42-12 ultrasonic tartar remover, direct intraoral X-ray machine, light polymerization lamp for dental fillings and other equipment. 

 We also perform dental treatment of rodents - guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters.

Internal medicine

We conduct comprehensive clinical examinations with capabilities for complete blood count, biochemical blood analysis, and urine analysis. We offer complete diagnostics and therapy in the fields of gastroenterology (excluding endoscopy), endocrinology, diabetology, nephrology, urology, and geriatrics. Additionally, we provide basic diagnostics and therapy in cardiology and pulmonology. Our facility is equipped with its own complete biochemical and hematological analyzer, X-ray machine, and ultrasound.

Prevention and counseling

We provide comprehensive preventive care including regular check-ups, vaccinations, deworming, and issuing of pet passports. Our facility has a veterinary pharmacy where you can purchase veterinary diets and other supplements. We also offer nutritional counseling.


We offer a wide range of procedures (planned and emergency) including preventive castration/sterilization, as well as more complex surgeries such as hernia repair, surgeries on the bladder and urethra, gastrointestinal surgeries, uterine and ovarian surgeries, cesarean section, mammary gland tumor surgeries, removal of tumors, cysts, abscesses, and growths, surgical wound care, brachycephalic syndrome therapy, and management of acute conditions. Our facility features a fully equipped operating room with inhalation anesthesia administered by an anesthesiologist. We also provide hospitalization and infusion therapy services.

Dermatology and cytology

All skin problems (itching, hair loss, allergies, atopy, skin growths, skin tumors, and others) are addressed by MVDr. Petra Vojčeková. We also provide the option of sample collection, which we then stain directly in our facility and cytologically examine using a microscope.

Diagnostic methods

At our clinic, we have a digital X-ray, Vinno A5 ultrasound (we mainly examine the liver, kidneys, bladder, uterus and prostate), quick PCR tests, a hematology and biochemical analyzer, a rigid endoscope and other equipment.


We provide basic orthopedic procedures (trochleoplasty - luxation of the patella, transposition of the tuberositas tibiae, rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee - extracapsular replacement of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee, osteotomy of the hip head). These are always elective performances.


In particular, we provide therapy for eye inflammation, corneal scraping, removal of tumors in the eyelid area and enoculation.