At our clinic, we perform a wide range of surgical procedures - elective (planned) and acute. We have a fully equipped surgical suite available for these procedures.

Operating theater equipment

  • inhalation anesthesia machine Chirana Anemat N8 with a lung ventilator

  • vital sign monitor Mindray MAC-1200

    (with a pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor + BERRY and Mindray cuffs, EKG leads, and rectal thermometer)

  • operating theathre light Martin ML 701

  • veterinary infusion pump IP300V (VP1) for patients during surgery

  • oxygen generator DeVilbiss Compact 525KS

  • autoclave Mocom Exacta

  • veterinary radiofrequency electrosurgery unit (electrocautery) SMT BM Vet

  • hyfrecator 2000 electrosurgery unit (electrocautery) ConMed

  • monopolar and bipolar electrocautery with ligature HV-300A

  • laryngoscope MODI Surgical with four interchangeable spoons + ET tubes different sizes

  • ambu bag AERObag

  • operating table J-VET

  • ozone-free UVC germicidal lamp for desinfection

  • veterinary anesthetic oxygen masks Canack (6 different sizes)

  • veterinary V-shaped positioners CSO "trough" (for surgeries, ultrasound examinations, or radiographic examinations)

  • orthopedic drill Orthomed and basic orthopedic equipment

Preventive sterilization of female dogs and cats

Preventive castration of dogs, cats and rabbits + cryptorchidism therapy

Surgery of the uterus and ovaries (treatment of inflammation of the uterus and cysts on the ovaries)

Obstetrics and postpartum care + caesarean section (elective and acute)

Mammary gland tumor surgery

Surgery of the digestive system (foreign bodies, dilatation and torsion of the stomach, splenectomy, gastropexy,...)

Surgical treatment of wounds

Removal of tumors, cysts, growths, foreign bodies and others

Surgical removal of hernia (umbilical, inguinal, perineal)

Urogenital surgery