Waiting area

Surgery number 1

Surgery number 2 with kennels

Operating theater

Our equipment

Dental equipment

  • dental set with iM3 Deluxe turbine

  • ultrasonic scaler iM3 42-12

  • portable dental unit DSS-SM540

  • intraoral X-ray Denshine X-12L

  • digital reader VISTA scan

  • light curing lamp LY-B200 for dental fillings 

  • dental scaler (Woodpecker) UDS-K LED

  • complete dental equipment for fillings, vital pulp amputation, endodontic canal treatment, orthodontics (bite plates, traction chains), dental surgery procedures in the oral cavity, and orofacial surgery

  • T2000 TTMG IM3 - Table Top Mouth Gag

Surgery number 1 and number 2 with kennels

  • biochemical analyzer Idexx Catalyst One

  • hematological analyzer Idexx ProCyte One

  • mini tube rocker Idexx

  • hot air sterilizer Stericell 55

  • centrifuge OSS LC-04R

  • veterinary otoscope Riester LED 3.7 V

  • veterinary refractometer, glucometer and ophtalmoscope

  • ultrasound VINNO A5

  • kennels

  • infusion pump Fresenius Orchestra for hospitalized patients

  • examination table VCPX

  • QuickSeal pluslife Mini Dock (qPCR tests)

  • digital ultrasound cleaner with heater

  • rigid endoscope / rhinoscope Hawk brand

  • veterinary V-shaped positioners CSO "trough" (for surgeries, ultrasound examinations, or radiographic examinations)

  • X-ray Soyee SY-31-100P with direct digitization and with flat panel VENU 1717X

  • veterinary digital scales (for rodents, for animals up to 50 kg and for animals up to 100 kg)

  • veterinary clipper Aesculap Akkurata GT405, Aesculap Vega GT410, Wahl Super Trim 1592-0480

  • cytology stains

  • microscope Zeiss Axiolab 5 with camera (the owner is Dr. Vojčeková - her secret weapon!)

Operating theater

  • inhalation anesthesia machine Chirana Anemat N8 with a lung ventilator

  • vital sign monitor Mindray MAC-1200

    (with a pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor + BERRY and Mindray cuffs, EKG leads, and rectal thermometer)

  • operating theathre light Martin ML 701

  • veterinary infusion pump IP300V (VP1) for patients during surgery

  • oxygen generator DeVilbiss Compact 525KS

  • autoclave Mocom Exacta

  • veterinary radiofrequency electrosurgery unit (electrocautery) SMT BM Vet

  • hyfrecator 2000 electrosurgery unit (electrocautery) ConMed

  • monopolar and bipolar electrocautery with ligature HV-300A

  • laryngoscope MODI Surgical with four interchangeable spoons + ET tubes different sizes

  • ambu bag AERObag

  • operating table J-VET

  • ozone-free UVC germicidal lamp for desinfection

  • veterinary anesthetic oxygen masks Canack (6 different sizes)

  • veterinary V-shaped positioners CSO "trough" (for surgeries, ultrasound examinations, or radiographic examinations)

  • orthopedic drill Orthomed and basic orthopedic equipment