Clinic from the outside

Waiting area

Surgery n.1

Surgery n.2

Interventional surgery with kennels

Operating theater

Our equipment

Wainting area

  • Floor veterinary scale up to 150 kg

  • coffee and water for clients

Surgery n.1

  • Biochemical analyzer Idexx Catalyst One

  • Hematology analyzer Idexx ProCyte One

  • Mini tube rocker Idexx

  • Hot air sterilizer Stericell 55

  • Centrifuge OSS LC-04R

  • Veterinary otoscope Riester LED 3.7 V

  • Veterinary ATC refractometer

  • Ultrasound VINNO A5

  • Examination table + mobile examination light

  • QuickSeal pluslife Mini Dock (qPCR tests)

  • PlusLife FHV-1/C-FELIS/M. Felis - test kit for Feline Herpesvirus type 1 (FHV-1), Chlamydophila Felis (C. Felis), and Mycoplasma Felis (M. Felis) + PlusLife FCV - rapid and accurate molecular POC tests for Feline Calicivirus

  • Veterinary positioning aid CSO V-shaped "gutter" (for ultrasound examinations)

  • Veterinary clippers Aesculap Exacta GT416 and Aesculap Vega GT410

  • Glucometer FORA Diamond PRIMA

  • Floor veterinary scale KERN up to 50kg

  • Idexx SNAP tests

  • Veterinary blood pressure monitor PetPRO

  • Dental unit with iM3 Deluxe turbine + iM3 42-12 ultrasonic scaler

Interventional surgery with kennels

  • Examination table VCPX

  • Hospitalization boxes

  • Infusion pump Fresenius Orchestra for hospitalized patients

  • Digital ultrasonic cleaner with heater

  • Veterinary positioners CSO in V-shape "trough" (for radiological examinations)

  • X-ray Soyee SY-31-100P with direct digitalization and flat panel VENU 1717X

  • Veterinary clippers Aesculap Exacta GT416 and Aesculap Vega GT410

  • Steam Sterilizer (Autoclave) EXACTA - MOCOM

  • UV sterilization disinfection lamp

  • Stains for cytological examination

  • Microscope Zeiss Axiolab 5 with camera (owned by Dr. Vojčeková - her secret weapon!)

Operating theater

  • Inhalation anesthesia Chirana Anemat N8 with a ventilator for pulmonary ventilation

    • Anesthesia circuits - Mapleson Type C circuit with APL valve for small patients, single-limb F-breathing circuit (F-circuit), and coaxial breathing circuit (Uni-limb circuit) for larger patients

  • Life functions monitor Mindray MAC-1200

    • with pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor + cuffs by BERRY and Mindray, EKG leads, and rectal thermometer

  • Surgical light Martin ML 701

  • Veterinary infusion pump IP300V (VP1) for patients during surgery

  • Oxygen generator DeVilbiss Compact 525KS

  • Veterinary radiofrequency electrosurgical unit (electrocautery - bipolar / monopolar) SMT BM Vet

  • THR-HV5000 vessel sealing and tissue cutting device LIGASURE

  • UVC LED SANITIZER CJC 59S disinfection box

  • MODI Surgical laryngoscope with four interchangeable blades + various sizes of endotracheal tubes

  • AERObag resuscitator

  • AG CUFFILL - intubation syringe with display

  • Veterinary operating table J-VET 1 MAX E

  • Veterinary anesthesia oxygen masks Canack (6 sizes)

  • Veterinary positioners CSO in V-shaped "trough" (for surgeries)

  • UVC air disinfection purifier

  • Orthopedic drill Orthomed and basic orthopedic equipment

Dental Equipment

  • We possess a COMPLETE DENTAL SETUP, suitable for fillings, vital pulp amputation, endodontic canal treatments, orthodontics (bite plates, traction chains), oral surgery procedures within the oral cavity, orofacial surgery, and more.

  • Dental unit with compressor (dental ultrasonic scaler Woodpacker, curing light Woodpacker, high-speed handpiece, low-speed handpiece, and more) in the interventional office

  • Portable intraoral X-ray Vatech EzRay Air (direct digitalization)

  • Intraoral RVG X-RAY SENSOR S1 and S2 (direct digitalization)

  • Wireless curing light LY-B200 for dental fillings, iM3 luxators and elevators, iM3 dental bite blocks (mouth gags), special dental pads, magnifying glasses, burs, iM3 polishing pastes, T2000 TTMG IM3 - Table Top Mouth Gag and more

  • Rigid endoscope / rhinoscope Hawk