Worming treatment

Like vaccination, deworming is an integral part of caring for our pets. Regular worming will protect your canine friend from serious health problems. The presence of parasites in the intestines is completely normal and natural in dogs. Parasites in a dog's intestinal tract feed on its blood and nutrients from digested food. A reddened dog can therefore suffer from fatigue, flatulence and, above all, digestive problems, it can lose weight, but its belly can also get bigger. With some parasites, such as roundworms, there is a risk of transmission to humans!

How often to deworm a dog?


  • First deworming - within 14 days after birth.

  • At the age of 2 weeks to 3 months - every 2 weeks.

  • At the age of 3 months to 6 months - every 4 weeks.

  • From half a year - like an adult dog.

Adult dog

  • Every 3 months.

The most common form of deworming preparations are tablets - there is a wide selection of flavored and unflavored tablets available on the market. A paste is suitable for deworming puppies. The dosage also depends on the dog's weight - so always consult your veterinarian about which product to use and how much to give the dog.